Maxi Security believes in Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Maxi Security takes its social responsibility seriously. It takes account of its social, economic and environmental impact and in doing so improves the education, opportunities and lives of employees and local communities, and helps to preserve natural resources.


Maxi Security believes in promoting from within. This philosophy has contributed to Maxi Security’s growth over the last 26 years, commencing with a team of 11 staff and growing to a number in excess of 3,000.
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  • The stringent policy of promoting from within has also led to meaningful empowerment of employees such as senior managers purchasing their own homes.
  • Maxi Security is the proud holder of a Level 2 BEE certificate.
  • Maxi Security owns a block of apartments in Johannesburg and uses it to provide affordable and safe accommodation for security officers and their families. The apartment block is in the vicinity of good private and public schools, shops, places of worship, recreational facilities and transport.
  • Management participates in a meaningful profit-sharing scheme, which is driven on a performance assessment basis with specific emphasis being placed on client and staff retention.
  • The company has implemented a staff funeral benefit scheme.
  • It has obtained SASSETA accreditation and trains staff on an ongoing basis.
  • Maxi Security has established a support centre which offers in-house counselling and advice to its employees.
  • Maxi Security complies with the statutory provident fund from which its staff benefit, and acts in line with the Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998, the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 53 of 2003 and applicable health and safety legislation.



Maxi Security operates social projects with the aim to uplift the disadvantaged in rural areas, focusing on areas from which its employees hail. These include:

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  • The townships of Soshanguve and Ekangala in Gauteng, focusing on the promotion of education through its partnership with Ekangala’s Strauss Secondary School.
  • Dutywa in the Amathole District Municipality in Eastern Cape. Maxi Security participates in the operation and funding of Dutywa’s Nqabara Community Eco River Lodgeand the related conservation, energy-saving and upliftment initiatives of the Nqabara Community Eco River Lodge.
  • Pankop in the Nkangala District Municipality situated on the border of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The company has invested in Mantsole Ranch, a farm in Limpopo owned by the Bakgatla Ba Mocha community of Pankop, spanning 4,500 hectares. Through Maxi Security’s involvement, and the jobs it has created thus far, 71 households from the Pankop community receive an income. Notably, Maxi Security’s involvement began in May 2018 and is planned to continue for a minimum of 55 years. To date:
    • Members of the Pankop community have received formal training and gone on to qualify as security officers with a choice of guaranteed employment in Gauteng or Limpopo.
    • Community members conduct the farming activities, focusing on livestock. These ventures include organic free-range layer poultry farming, breeding of stud Brahman cattle, as well as sheep and goats.
    • Given the vast expanse of Mantsole Ranch, dedicated teams have been trained to maintain and repair electrical wiring and installations, dams and reservoirs, buildings, pipes, irrigation and fence lines to ensure operations run smoothly.
    • Members have also received training on aspects of health and safety and basic first aid.
    • A shop has been erected near the entrance to Mantsole Ranch from which local produce is sold. Community members market and operate the shop.


The Environment

Nqabara Community Eco River Lodge, with which Maxi Security is involved from an operations and funding perspective, is committed to conservation efforts in the area and to reduce its carbon footprint.
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  • The Lodge is accredited with Bird Life South Africa as a Birder Friendly Establishment. It has an extensive species list which includes the Pied Kingfisher, Malachite Kingfisher and Southern Ground-Hornbill. The guides at the Lodge have been trained to educate tourists and local community members on birdlife endemic to the area.
  • The Lodge is part of the Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project which works tirelessly to slow the decline of the Southern Ground-Hornbill which is endangered in South Africa.
  • Fishing is carried out by guests in the estuaries adjacent to the Lodge, but on a strict catch-and-release policy to conserve the fish population.
  • Local produce in grown at the Lodge which is served to guests and also made available to the community.
  • Guests who visit the Lodge generally do so as part of the Wild Coast Meander, arriving and departing on foot.
  • The Lodge does not rely on the electrical grid and generates its own power through the use of inter alia solar panels.
  • The Lodge has recently been incorporated into the adjacent Dwesa Nature Reserve which promotes the Lodge’s conservation efforts.
  • Maxi Security’s involvement on Mantsole Ranch has led to regular clearing of firebreaks and a drive to remove all invader plant species found on the farm. It is also in the process of compiling a detailed bird species list with a view to being registered with Bird Life South Africa as a Birder Friendly Establishment.



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East Africa: +254 722 578 345

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  • B-BBEE Level 1 contributor
  • Registered Member of PSIRA
  • Registered Member of SAIDSA
  • SASSETA Accreditation

Head Office Address: 245 Louis Botha Avenue, Orange Grove, Johannesburg 2192

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