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Maxi Security provides a professional and comprehensive security solution to a broad base of clients and industries. In rendering its services, the company relies on a combination of experienced personnel.

Armed Response

Maxi Security specialises in armed response in closed communities and business parks, with dedicated patrol and response vehicles. The company’s philosophy is that a response time in excess of three minutes greatly increases the risk of loss of or damage to property and life.

Control Room & Call Center

The company’s control room complies with SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Association) standards and ensures that all its client sites are monitored from a central point, 24 hours a day.

Crime Prevention

Specialists in various fields are utilized to conduct risk audits and investigations where there has been a breach of security procedures.

Events Security

Maxi Security is committed to providing professional, reliable, efficient and cost-effective security personnel who offer total protection for clients’ events and assets.

Riot Control

Maxi Security can supply highly trained and well-equipped security and riot squad personnel fully conversant in all aspects of civil disobedience, negotiations, crowd control and protection of life and property.

Undercover Agents

The company can deploy officers in retail and wholesale industries – uniformed or undercover – to curb product theft, devise new product control measures, or to work to specifically-designed systems.

VIP Protection

Maxi Security can provide specialised officers trained in prevailing firearms legislation and usage. The company has security personnel specifically trained to handle VIP protection. They are articulate, confident, reliable, alert, disciplined and well-groomed.

K9 Unit

The company has a highly trained, and efficient canine unit which can be deployed at short notice.


Maxi Security has formed a strategic partnership with Active Track (Pty) Ltd. Active Track is the exclusive supplier of Active Track devices, a state-of-the-art workforce management tool.


The company holds a SASSETA accreditation and has an in-house registered licensee of NOSA. As a result, it can present various training courses to its staff to upskill them, as well as to new employees from the comfort of its fully-equipped training centre.

Technical & Fencing

The company’s fencing division has extensive experience in the industry and implements high quality fencing solutions based on clients’ specific needs. It relies on its CIDB SQ7 rating to implement its services.


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