Maxi Security’s Competitive Edge

Making a Difference


The Maxi Security Group has a comprehensive understanding of the security requirements of sites in all sectors through site surveys conducted over the years. In consultation with our clients we have successfully created tailor made solutions effectively providing secure environments for our clients.


Our service is underpinned by the reputation within the security industry our management and their team as well as our service delivery to our clients. However how many security organisations are prepared to place their money where their mouth is.


It is our opinion that the true success of operational security endeavours must surely be borne out of the total understanding and commitment of both strategic partners. Maxi Security has adopted a risk management strategy that facilitates this as your security provider that we accept joint responsibility and in turn passing savings onto your our client in real time and on monthly basis. This effectively reduces your monthly spending this is out guarantee service delivery.


Cost effective, reliable, professional service;

  • Pre-employment polygraph of Maxi Security Group staff to assure integrity of security personnel;
  • A proficiency test for all staff to be posted;
  • Pre-posting and on-going, site specific training for security personnel;
  • Detailed risk audit;
  • Periodic truth verification conducted on security personnel deployed;
  • Unique site plans;
  • Hands on, flexible, professional company with a flat management structure ensuring direct, hands on senior management involvement;
  • Guaranteed consistency through computerisation of the basics;
  • Solution driven, utilising state of the art technology;
  • Guard monitoring systems used ensure regular supervisor checks of the site;
  • Fully computerised “911” type control room;
  • A dedicated emergency telephone line for client emergencies only;
  • All systems by which the Maxi Security Group operates, communicate with one another to provide a Central Data System;
  • Comprehensive monthly report including statistics on site as well as graphs and charts to be used as a management tool;
  • Measurement controls built into monthly report – target to date;
  • Client specific job descriptions – including the dated action plan;
  • Accountable for the security on the clients site;
  • Quality assurance through internal checks and balances provided by the investigations department;
  • Onsite training.


  • Registered with PSIRA, SAIDSA & SASSETA


Southern Africa: 011 551 1600

East Africa: +254 722 578 345

Fax: +27 86 218 2928



  • B-BBEE Level 1 contributor
  • Registered Member of PSIRA
  • Registered Member of SAIDSA
  • SASSETA Accreditation

Head Office Address: 245 Louis Botha Avenue, Orange Grove, Johannesburg 2192

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